What do we offer ?

1) Product solution

The primary intent of Arbalo is to build and operate the cloud service broker platform and to establish an ecosystem of service providers. This product approach is described extensively under menu entry Solution.

2) Software development projects

By concluding software development projects, we help our customers to implement their requirements and move their software solutions into a modern service oriented architecture. Such projects can be deployed in the public or private cloud or on-premise. We like this work, because we can bring in our competence and experience and at the same time learn about new customer requirements.

We act in two different roles in software development projects:

a) as a general contractor
Arbalo takes full responsibility for the execution of a fix-price project. In this case, we can benefit of our rich partner network. We have established partnerships with UI/UX designers, frontend & backend developers. Our experts are normally involved in a leading role such as project manager or technical lead engineer.

b) in a specific role
In bigger projects, our experts can take over specific roles within an external project organisation, leveraging their expertise. Example roles are project manager, devops engineer or backend developer. This is typically offered under a time & material (T&M) contract at a negotiable hourly rate.

3) Consulting

We are also able to provide our experience in the form of consulting services. In order to give a feeling about possible topics and our skills, we created a pre-defined set of small consulting packages at a fix price:

Of course, other or bigger consulting projects are possible on request. We are also able to execute bigger consulting projects together with our specialized partners.