tbd: Here, we describe how the Arbalo OSB is built and how it works. This is currently just a placeholder for documentation pages



User documentation explaining how to use the Arbalo platform:

  • how to register, login
  • how to select and use services, how to add and remove services
  • where to find documentation and support about a service
  • billing
  • monitoring
  • backup
  • scaling
  • security, authentication, authorisation


How a developer can use the Arbalo services:

  • where to find the API documentation of a specific service
  • How to use OAuth2 / OID


How the Arbalo services are billed, usage collected.

What happens if somebody does not pay in time.


how Arbalo handles private data and adheres to GDP regulation

other legal issues, e.g. licensing, OSS, general terms, misuse

How does it work ?


Arbalo operates a universal marketplace for cloud software that consolidates technology, licenses and contracts from a broad range of suppliers simplifying installation and operations.


Software engineers are expensive and hard to find. That is why they should only be engaged with implementing core business tasks. Standard functionalities should therefore be adopted and integrated from third parties: Do not reinvent the wheel. There are numerous offers from multiple providers for Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud. The issues: restrictive licensing conditions, lack of transparency and integration, numerous passwords and invoices, incompatible price plans, loss of control, etc. All this makes systematic outsourcing time-consuming and insecure. Arbalo solves this problem.


We develop and operate the Arbalo platform.

While we extend and maintain an eco-system of service providers and clients, we negotiate licenses and contracts so that you do not have to very about getting the right license contract. The pre-integration of the services combined with monthly billing based on successful transactions completes our service offering. Let us help you boosting your software development.Our catalog offers a wide range of services and is constantly growing. We include standard and customized services giving our clients the opportunity to influence the product pipeline. Get in touch if your desired service is not yet available.PaaS Setup / Provisioning ...[Service Development and Integration] We continuously pre-integrate useful services. If the service you are looking for is not available, we integrate it upon request or help you develop it. If your organization wants to have a customized catalog, we are happy to discuss white labelling a custom marketplace.API ...No more worries about multiple invoices or intransparent costs: All successful transactions are automatically billed periodically by us. Since we consolidate your services used, you only receive one invoice from us.Our dashboard with the usage monitor gives you a clear overview of current and past transactions. See what projects there are in your organization and what users are assigned to a project.SaaS ...Self registration ...Privacy ...SSO / Authentication ...Service operation ...Customer support ...

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