What is it ?

The problem

Software is everywhere today and its importance is still growing. Modern software development breaks the systems into pieces that are implemented as reusable services. IT organizations are more and more using third party services from the cloud.
This rapid growth has been driven by the promises to reduce upfront costs, the need to quickly respond to changing business requirements, reduce maintenance efforts and simplify operations.
But the landscape today does not and can not deliver on these promises. It takes too much effort to negotiate with the service providers, it is too difficult to implement the different security mechanisms and it is almost impossible to keep track of all passwords and licenses. There is the risk of vendor lock-in and insufficient choice of vendors.

The solution

Cloud service brokers bring order into this chaos. This cloud role was defined by NIST* in 2011:

An entity that manages the use, performance and delivery of cloud services, and negotiates relationships between Cloud Providers and Cloud Consumers.

Cloud Brokers help to integrate and aggregate the cloud services. They monitor the service usage and they bill the effective usage in one single, consolidated bill monthly.

Arbalo Overview

The offering

Most cloud service brokers today operate in two modes:

  • consultancy, i.e. they help their clients to find the right service and to integrate into their application
  • dictionary, i.e. they develop a dictionary or look-up of services. A client can find the service and then directly use it at the provider

Arbalo is different: we also provide these two modes, but we combine it with a running service platform. The services in our catalog are either running on our platform or proxied. This is the foundation of a consistent usage monitoring and billing.

Arbalo develops and operates a cloud service broker platform. The implementation extends the OSB-API standard. While we extend and maintain an ecosystem of service providers, we negotiate licenses and contracts and try to map the usage of all services to a transactional license model (pay-as-you-go).

Additionally, we pre-integrate the services into a single sign-on and make them ready to use from your own client application.

Our platform provides a catalog of a wide range of services from local partners as well as big cloud platforms. Services are carefully selected and must match defined minimal standards to be accepted.

This is how we help you structure the uncontrolled growth of SaaS subscriptions. You can finally take back the lead of software development and fully profit of the benefits of cloud services.

The usage

After your one-time registration, you may open additional projects on Arbalo and invite additional users into your projects. You then can select suitable services from Arbalo's service catalog and provision (=install) the service with a simple click.

Provisioned services are at once available for integration into your client application. You will only need the URL of the service plus your credentials (client_id and client_secret). You can find this information in your project dashboard for copying. You will find all the API documentation and further information such as vendor, operating location, license etc. in the detail page of the service catalog.

We monitor the usage of the services per project and bill only successful transactions monthly.