The development of the Arbalo platform is ongoing. We currently are using it in closed environments for development and test purposes together with early partners. Therefore, we did not yet open the self-registration. Please be patient and get in contact with us if you want to start before general availability.


The usage of Arbalo is simple:

  1. Register once
  2. Find service in catalog
  3. Select price plan that best suits your needs
  4. One-click deployment of selected service
  5. Instantly start integrating into your application
  6. Pay bills calculated by effective usage


First 30 days are free

Finding services

You may find services in the catalog based on

Selecting a price plan

In this early stage, we only provide services that are either free to use or based on transactional usage. We will add further price plans if necessary or requested. Such price plans can be chosen In the service overview when provisioning a service.

Deploying a service

Pressing the button 'Provision' on a service detail page starts its deployment. The service is instantiated under your name and the usage monitoring is prepare to collect all information in order to issue the monthly bills.
You may stop using a service at any time. Because no new transactions are generated, you will not be billed anymore.

Integrating a service


Developers need the following information in order to integrate a service into their application:

All this information can be found in the dashboard. The URL is service-specific and credentials (client_id and client_secret) are issued per project.
We provide an open source demo application that explains different client application setups. It also contains architectural descriptions as well as example code.


Information about billing will be added soon.